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Who We Are

The Douglas County Healthy Youth Coalition was established in March of 2016, comprised of numerous agencies in the county that have a stake in youth wellbeing.

We are built around the community and seek to provide a cross-sectional representation of community members. This includes mental health providers, law enforcement, first responders, local hospitals, the county school district, human services, the district attorney’s office, the faith-based community, youth-serving organizations, parents, and community members.

Our Mission

We put the health and wellbeing youth first through advocacy, education and community partnerships.

Our Vision

Our vision is an empowered community that promotes the health and well-being of all youth in Douglas County.

Our Goals

The Coalition has three overarching goals to help us make our vision a reality:

1. Sustain and build capacity in the community and among stakeholders to implement a shared risk and protective factors approach as a collaborative prevention system in Douglas County. Decrease youth misuse of substances including alcohol, marijuana, electronic vapor products, and prescription drugs by implementing evidence-based prevention strategies in the community setting.

2. Advance Whole School, Community, Child (WSCC) approach, as well as other prevention programs/initiatives in the community that advance the health and well-being of our youth.

3. Advance Restorative Practice principles across the Douglas County community in three key areas:

  • Expand alternatives to suspension and restorative justice programs in schools, the judicial system, and the broader community.

  • Connect youth to safe peer-oriented programs/activities that build skills, provide meaningful opportunities, build community, and offer tangible recognition.

  • Strengthen youth and adult relationships, as well as develop a stronger sense of community across Douglas County.

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