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Youth Leader Board

Do you feel youth should have a voice at the table when decisions are being made at the state, county, city and school level that impact you and your peers’ health and wellbeing? So does the Douglas County Healthy Youth Coalition. That’s why we created our Youth Leader Board: to give youth a voice in the services and support they receive from us and our partners.

The Douglas County Healthy Youth Coalition Youth Leader Board includes teens throughout Douglas County who want to build skills, access meaningful opportunities and receive recognition for their efforts. The group is open to teens ages 13-20, and participants will learn ways to promote their health and wellbeing and that of their peers across the county. Board members are deeply passionate about the following issues impacting their peers:

  • Youth Mental Health Support

  • Health & Wellness

  • Substance Misuse Prevention

  • Social Justice & Equity

  • Violence Prevention

If you or your parent/guardian would like to learn more about the Youth Leader Board, call our coordinator, Curtis, at 720-682-5283 or email us at

Additional Youth Leader Board information and member application can be found here.

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