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We all want the best for the youth in our community because when they thrive, our community thrives.

But our youth face many challenges that can prevent them from being at their best. Risk factors such as low self-esteem, family dysfunction, peer rejection, and trauma can leave youth with poor mental health, a higher likelihood of substance misuse, and other problem behaviors.

Our goal at the Douglas County Healthy Youth Coalition is to provide young people with the tools they need to improve their mental wellbeing, offering better coping mechanisms, community support, and education around substance misuse.


Risk & Protective Factors

The Douglas County Healthy Youth Coalition is working to build protective factors for youth in Douglas County at the individual, school, and community levels while decreasing risk factors.

Risk factors make it more likely that someone will engage in unhealthy behavior, such as substance use, violence, suicide, or early sexual activity. The more risk factors present in a child’s life, the greater the likelihood problems will develop in adolescence.

Protective factors help someone cope successfully with life challenges. When youth can successfully negotiate their problems and deal with pre-existing risk factors, they are less likely to engage in unhealthy behavior. Protective factors are instrumental in healthy development, building resiliency, skills, and connections.

DCHYC is currently focusing on the following risk & protective factors:

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