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Screenagers: Under the Influence

The Douglas County Healthy Youth Coalition is offering community organizations and schools the opportunity to host a screening of Screenagers Under the Influence: Addressing Vaping, Drugs, and Alcohol in the Digital Age. This one-hour film examines how technology and social media have transformed adolescence and its effects on substance use. Parents and schools are given strategies to set limits, support teen mental health, create healthy home environments, and encourage healthy decision-making.


See the flyer below for details and contact information to set up a screening..

Cost: None to you. We have funding to host up to 3 screenings per year

Audience: Parents, Educators, Trusted Adults; and students grade 5 and above.

Screenagers Under the Influence Community Flyer Pic.jpg

Venue: You provide the space: will need quality audio/visual set up.

Format: We will arrange to have experts in the fields of substance misuse and mental health available to answer questions

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