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Parent Education

Parent education plays a pivotal role in fostering youth wellness by providing a foundation for holistic development. Informed and engaged parents are better equipped to support their children's physical, emotional, and social well-being. We work with our partners and community to provide educational opportunities for parents and trusted adults each year.  By investing in parent education, we contribute to the overall well-being of future generations, creating a ripple effect that extends beyond individual households to build healthier communities.


Sources of Strength

The Sources of Strength program stands as a beacon of hope and resilience in communities and schools, offering a transformative approach to mental health and well-being. This evidence-based initiative focuses on building a network of supportive relationships, emphasizing the diverse sources of strength that individuals can draw upon during challenging times. By fostering connections among students, educators, and community members, the program not only promotes mental health but also creates a sense of belonging and unity.

Sources of Strength equips individuals with the tools to navigate life's difficulties and to recognize the signs of distress in others. By addressing mental health proactively, the program contributes to the development of a more resilient and empathetic community. 


Vaping & eCigarette Prevention

Preventing vaping and e-cigarette use in schools and communities is crucial for safeguarding the well-being of our youth. The rising popularity of vaping among youth poses serious health risks, from nicotine addiction to potential long-term health consequences. School-based and community  prevention efforts play a pivotal role in educating young people about the dangers of vaping, dispelling misconceptions, and fostering informed decision-making. By implementing comprehensive programs that include both educational components and restorative approaches we aim to promote healthy behaviors and prioritize responsible choices that set the stage for lifelong well-being.

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